American professional racer Mike Janelle sadly,
in the prime of his life, died in his sleep of heart failure
on Friday, November 23 2007 just one day after the Thanksgiving holiday. A professional mountain-bike racer since 1996 and elite road cyclist since 1988. Known for his wide smile, charisma and dedication to cycling, his loss is felt by all.

Janelle was a regular in the road and mountain bike community; during his career, he touched the lives of countless cyclists, promoters, friends and fans.
Mike leaves behind his loving wife Maribel and their newborn child, Mike Jr.

The purpose of is simple ... To pick up financially where Mike left off. To give Maribel and little Mike the push start they need now and the help they will need later on.

We'd like to raise enough to give Maribel some support over the next 5 years. Together with the help of Mike’s wonderful friends, family and people like you we can accomplish this goal. THIS IS what friends do.

Much has been done already ... Maribel and Mike Jr. are doing well but the road ahead has some challenges. Through your contribution and the celebration of Mike’s life ... LIVELIKEMIKE exists.

His legacy reminds us to live our lives a little fuller, a little bigger as his sudden passing is a bold reminder of how fragile life can be.

For a modest $40 donation we have put together some cool gear to remind us everyday to LIVE LIKE MIKE.

Support MIke, Maribel and Mike Jr. through your LIVELIKEMIKE contribution.

100% of the proceeds go straight to Mike Janelle Children's Trust. NO middlemen, only great folks along the way donating their efforts to this cause.

This is high quality karma we are talking about... LIVE it, SHARE it, TELL your friends.

In his love for the sport, his sportsmanship and his generous spirit he was an example to everyone. Let's honor him by taking his example and living his example, everyday.

So wear the gear, sticker your car and yes, sticker the top tube of your bikes. Mike will be smiling!

We sincerely thank you!

Larry Leith

Tokyo Joe's

Founder, President, Friend