Eulogy – For Mike from Chris Anthony

Mike Eulogy-

From Chris Anthony 

It is the crack of dawn, the air is so cold that you can actually see it crystallizing before your eyes as the morning light tries to heat it.  It resembles flakes of diamonds falling from the sky.  Riding the amongst them towards his destination is smiley character that seems to find warmth amongst the coldest of places.   His cadence is strong as he moves against gravity faster than most move with gravity.  Driving by him I feel guilty.   “Damn I need to workout today”  I say to myself at 7:00 in the morning on my way to the hill to ski.  

By the time I park and walk up to the base of the lift, Mike has already arrived changed into his ski gear and acts like someone stuck his finger in a light socket.   Mike is ready to go and already cracking jokes about the night prior activities when we were all out dancing till 2:00 AM.

This is Mike Janelle.   A burst of energy that has always come and gone out of our worlds but leaves those he touches in a higher state of consciousness.   It was hard to avoid.  He was contagious with his positive and powerful energy.   He had the ability to make one think that perhaps they could look at things a little more positive or live a stronger life.   He made those around him be better people.  I feel that this is the highest accomplishment in life. Which means that Mike has not left us.  He has lifted us!  It is our responsibility to stay where Mike would want us. 

And we will for him…

Chris Anthony

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