Remembering Mike

Remembering Mike – His was a life that cannot be forgotten.

There are some people who are remarkable in the way they live their lives. We feel connected to them, proud of them. They accomplish great things. Things that we never dreamed we could accomplish.

Mike Janelle was one of those people.

He made me very proud because my name is also Mike Janelle.

Mike’s father Jack and I, grew up together in Colorado. We are cousins, but we have lived our lives more like brothers. And we grew up riding bicycles. Cycling is in the family blood and Jack always kept me abreast of Mike’s cycling adventures and accomplishments. I stayed connected to Mike through his racing, posting MJ articles on the walls of my work cubicle. It was not unusual for someone to mention that a Mike Janelle was once again in VeloNews. I took great pride in explaining that my namesake was living his dreams and accomplishing great things.

I clearly remember when Mike first moved to Colorado. People were trying to reach him and I was the only Mike Janelle available through directory assistance. The frequent after midnight callers were no doubt looking for the location of the next party! This remembrance makes me wish I’d spent more time with him. What a loss we have suffered. His smile is etched into my memory and there is such pain in my heart.

Our consolation is that we can watch Mike’s son, little Mikie, grow up. We will tell him all the stories – the funny, courageous and adventurous stories we have about his Dad. And perhaps in his own time, Mikie will follow in his father’s footsteps and demonstrate once again that cycling is in the family blood.

Farewell Mike – we miss you.

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