Our Son

Our son, Michael, embraced life with energy and enthusiasm and a ready smile for everyone. He walked at 8 months, ran up Wasson Peak in Tucson at 2, rode his bike at 3 and completed his first century ride on his 5-speed at five.

He turned every day into a party with his spontaneous sense of humor. He was creative, able to design and sew his slacks, whip up an apple pie or enchiladas and work on mechanical projects with a few parts left over. He loved Mexican food; we believed he had no taste buds left due to his eating hot peppers like popcorn. While others carbo-loaded, Michael believed the true power food was anything covered in hot sauce.

We spent time with him in Maui celebrating he and Maribels first anniversary and our fortieth. He was looking forward to becoming a dad and sharing his love of life with his family and friends. He told us that he was at the happiest point in his life, he had everything he needed or wanted : a wonderful wife, an expected child, a great job, lifestyle, friends and family. He had it all.

We are looking forward to sharing all our Michael stories with his son, Michael Giovanny (Mikie) so he can know his dad and appreciate the truly unique person he was. We, his family, have been helped in our sorrow through the many tributes paid him and sharing the love his friends and teammates held for him. They have become family to us; we feel Michaels life continues to bless us.

Jack and Lynne Janelle

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