What does it mean to me to live like Mike?

Those of us who knew Mike were very lucky. He made our lives more enjoyable, more exciting, and a lot more fun. Any activity done with Mike was always more interesting because he was there. His love of adventure was extraordinary. His sense of humor was unparalleled. His passion for life was contagious. He did nothing halfway or half-speed. Mike went big at all times. He was a deviant prankster, but always polite and considerate. He made friends instantly. You did not have to know him long to know he was as genuine as they come. It was plain to see he was going to be an amazing father. Mike was one of a kind, and every day he will be missed.

What does it mean to me to live like Mike? To not worry about things that are not worth worrying about. To love, respect, and take joy in the people close to you. To live life like it is short. And most of all, to find fun and laughter in everything you do.

– Jay Henry

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